Welcome to the eCommerce Primesearch

Welcome to the eCommerce Primesearch

A Coordinated  ecommerceSearch for primes of the form k.2n-1

Important: The primesearch admin has moved to a new job. Because of this, and a fussy firewall on the one hand, and a slow modem on the other, backups are now only made every week or so. Please keep your own record of the primes you discover.

Note To Prime Finders: Make sure you report primes found via this search to Chris Caldwell’s database of largest known primes.

Vanished Reserved Ranges: Did you reserve some ranges and find that they vanished some months later? Ranges expire after 2 months (but you can refresh them from your bio page). A warning email is sent one week before they expire, and another email is sent when they actually do expire. If you don’t get these emails, why not check whether your email address on this system is still correct ecommerce coding??


Get all details here: http://www.prothsearch.net