DuckDuckGo, Search Engine to Replace Google

DuckDuckGo or DDG is one of the search engines you can use. However, DDG is still seen as an underrated searching engine. Compared to its competitor, Google, DDG offers you with lots of great features. If you are looking for a more advanced search engine, DDG is the answer. Let’s see why. Don’t Collect Users’ […]

Popular Search Engine

Popular Search Engine You Should Know

In fact, there are many popular search engines out there. Some people only recognize Google when it comes to the search engine on the internet. For those who can’t stay away from the internet, you need to know some popular search engine that can help you to find better online information. Google Google becomes the […]

The Overview of Search Engine

The Overview of Search Engine

The development of technology has brought many effects on human life. An aspect that increases rapidly because of the development of technology is the internet. It is the most used feature of the internet that helps people to perform their tasks in their work area. The search engine is the gate to gain the information […]