3 Internet Browsers from the Future

3 Internet Browsers from the Future – Compared to the time when the internet was open for public use, today’s internet browsers are much more advanced and reliable. However, that’s not the end of the road – many developers are still on the progress to create improvements in the future. In fact, there are three ‘futuristic’ browsers that will be readily available soon:

• Firefox Reality

Want to enjoy internet browsing as if you had been swallowed into the browser itself? Then, you should try Firefox Reality. This app is a VR-browser and already available on Viveport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores. They can also be used in standalone devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, Pixel 1 and 2, and many others. You can use your current device to access online casino games in example.com through this app fast.

Just like the original browser Mozilla Firefox, this browser is free to use and provide safe browsing plus 3D content experience. To browse, you can input the keywords verbally instead of typing them traditionally. For now, the use is limited to VR devices and high-end smartphones.

• Opera Neon
Unlike Firefox Reality, Opera Neon is more like a simplistic internet browser with minimalist designs. However, don’t walk away yet – it will possibly be the most versatile browser in all platforms. For the time being, Opera offers experimental versions for Mac and Windows of the app that you can try. The blueprint for this browser is snappy browsing, even when multitasking with several browser tabs/windows. They added several features to amplify that goal, such as screen splitting, pop up tabs for videos and songs, and many others.

Are you more into the 3D sector? You can enjoy more of them with SUPERMEDIUM’s browser, Super XYZ, especially if you have a Windows PC and VR device on hand! Yup, though the concept is practically the same with Firefox Reality, the choice to make the app standalone or not differs them. Super XYZ chooses to make its app a Windows-based one, making it easier to install and use compared to Firefox Reality. Otherwise, you can browse freely especially on their 3D contents. Definitely worth the try if you have the requirements and don’t feel like installing them on individual devices.

Are you ready to browse the internet in the realest way possible? Soon, you can do that using Firefox Reality, Opera Neon, and SUPERMEDIUM. These browsers will not only improve the convenience of the user but also the experiences of enjoying online content.

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