Benefits and Ways of Search Engines for Users

If in the past books were a repository of information, now this is no longer the case. With the development of technology, all human needs can be obtained through the internet. Search for the latest information can be done with a search engine. The search engine itself is a computer program created to search for files stored on ftp services, www, news groups and mailing lists publications on the network. In addition to programs, search engines are also a useful tool in searching for information contained in a document. Besides being used to get information, search engines can also collect data or information stored in web directories or databases. The search engine is run by a company that utilizes closed databases and proprietary algorithms. These companies include Google, Yahoo and MSN Search. There are also open source search engines such as Nutch, Egothor, OpenFTS and Htdig.

Based on the role of this search engine, there are many benefits that can be felt by users. One of the benefits of the technology available in search engines is the ease of getting information both at home and abroad. Apart from that, here are other benefits of search engines for users:

a. Easy to get information via the internet.
b. Most search engine users don’t click on sponsor searches. This makes search results done naturally so that the website is in a strategic position in the internet world.
c. Search engine users will not miss the first 2 pages in search engines.
d. Search engines are a place for people to get information via the internet. Of the various types of search engines available today, Google is the most widely used search engine by internet users.

The work system that exists in search engines has links related to the mechanism and architecture. There are several programs and components that make up the work system of a search engine. Spider becomes a program that works to download pages that users find. The program has similarities with the browser. The difference between a browser and a spider lies in the information displayed. The browser will display available information such as images and text while the spider does not display a form similar to the browser. Search engines will run spiders automatically. In addition to spiders, the following are the technologies and components that search engines have:

a. Crawlers
Is a program that is used to track links on each page. The task of the crawler is to determine the spider through a predetermined address. This program finds programs and links that search engines don’t know about.

b. Indexer
Is a component that can perform page parsing such as text, writing style features, structure and custom HTML tags.

c. Databases
Become a location to store some data through pages that have been downloaded and analyzed. Databases are also known as indexes in search engines.

d. Result engine
Is an engine that determines the ranking and classification of search engines on search engines. The result engine can find pages with reversed criteria on search engines based on user queries. In carrying out its performance, the result engine is run through a ranking algorithm.

e. Web server
Is a component that can respond to and serve requests from user requests and deliver search results. This component is capable of generating documents or information in HTML format.

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