DuckDuckGo, Search Engine to Replace Google

DuckDuckGo or DDG is one of the search engines you can use. However, DDG is still seen as an underrated searching engine. Compared to its competitor, Google, DDG offers you with lots of great features. If you are looking for a more advanced search engine, DDG is the answer. Let’s see why.

Don’t Collect Users’ Information

DDG is famous for its privacy policy. Compared to other searching engines, DDG doesn’t collect the users’ information. It totally respects your privacy. If you are looking for a certain keyword and it directs you to a certain website, the website wouldn’t know the exact keyword you type on the first place. DDG isn’t using Cookies like other search engines and it won’t store any data from you. The data stored will be wiped automatically once you have ended the session. In other words, you are exploring the website as in a private mode. DDG supports the open internet and by using DDG, you also take parts in supporting this vision.

Unbiased Search Results

Since it doesn’t collect the users’ information, the search results will be unbiased. Compared to Google, which stores your data to determine your field of interest, DDG provides the result based on what you request. The search results in other search engines will be based on your personal information. And, you might receive some suggestions they think you like, but actually, don’t. DDG provides you with common results like other users. It also means that you won’t see annoying pop-up ads from various advertisements.

DDG is the best searching engine if you want to protect your privacy. DDG respects its users’ privacy by not storing any information. It doesn’t discriminate its users by displaying different search results and it has lots of great features that make the search results more accurate.

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