General Principles and How Search Engines Work

The growing technology makes it easier for people to carry out their activities. To get information, for example, people can get the information they need in just seconds. In the process of getting this information, they must be connected to the previous internet network and continue by clicking on the information they want to find through a search engine. A search engine or search engine is a computer program created specifically to search for information on files available on www services, mailing lists publications, news groups and ftp. Search engines find information through available documents. The information that search engines have found comes from different files such as images and websites.

Private companies become the managers of search engines. The company leverages closed databases and proprietary algorithms. Companies that use closed databases are Yahoo, MSN Search and Google. Not only closed base, there are also companies that create search engines with an open base. These companies are Egothor, OpenFTS, Nutch and Htdig. Search engines have general principles attached to their performance systems. The performance system on a search engine is related to its mechanism and architecture. The following are general principles found in search engines:

a. Web server
Is a component that is used to provide responses and requests from search engine users. This component will generate HTML formatted documents and information. The web server is responsible for delivering search results.
b. Result engine
Is an engine that determines the ranking and classification of search results. The engine can define pages with reverse criteria based on user requests. The ranking process is carried out using a search algorithm.
c. Databases
Is a place to store data that comes from pages that have been analyzed and downloaded. Databases are also known as search engine indexes.
d. Indexer
Is a component that can parse the page and examine certain features such as headers, text, HTML tags and writing style.
e. Crawer
Is a program that can find and track links on visited pages.
Search engines work by storing web page information and retrieved via www. Information pages are retrieved by using a web crawler. The browser will follow each link automatically . The content of the page will then be analyzed with the aim of determining its index. The data related to the web page is then stored in the index database and used in subsequent searches. Google is a search engine that stores part or all of the source page. Not only web pages, search engines also provide and store information in the form of buttons in the form of video, audio, photo and image files. When users visit a search engine, they will usually enter keywords that match the criteria for the information to be searched.

A search engine is a place where people intend to obtain information through the internet network. Some people use search engines to find specific locations or places accurately. Search engine users will also not miss the first 2 pages on search engines. Developed countries in the world use search engines for sales promotion. Annual promotion using search engines reaches 20% per year. Information accessed through search engines can be done domestically and abroad. With search engines, people can easily get the information they need via the internet.

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