Popular Search Engine You Should Know

In fact, there are many popular search engines out there. Some people only recognize Google when it comes to the search engine on the internet. For those who can’t stay away from the internet, you need to know some popular search engine that can help you to find better online information.

Google becomes the most popular search engine used by people on the internet. The amount of the viewer who visits Google and uses it as the search engine a month is 30 billion people. It has the first rank in Alexa and owned by Google Inc. Google has its own unique algorithm to crawl and gather information from websites around the world. Make it as the reliable search engine that can provide valid information to the user and viewer.

Yahoo can be said as the second most famous search engine used by people to find any information through the internet. It is used by 6 billion people around the world. It occupies the six ranks in the Alexa. Yahoo-owned by the Yahoo! Company. Yahoo can be said as one of the pioneers in the modern search engine. This search engine is established by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Both of them are really interested in the internet and have a great passion for it.

Bing is in the third position. Bing is owned by Microsoft Company. It has 1 billion visitors a month. Bing is the new innovation from Microsoft which replaced the previous Microsoft search engine, Live Search. It is released in 2009 as the substitution of Live Search. You can find various contents in Bing, such as web, image, video, and map. Bing can be accessed in 40 languages. Bing has different image and content for the homepage each day. It is quite attractive and creative.

Yandex .ru is the next popular search engine owned by one of the biggest internet company in Europe, Yandex. It the most popular search engine in the Russia. There are 2.5 billion people use this search engine for their search. Russian prefers using Yandex.ru rather than the other search engine.

The search engine is one of the most important things in this modern technology. Here are some popular search engine used by most people in the world to surf in the online world. They are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.ru.

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