Protect Your Privacy and Search Everything Using These Great Search Engines

Protect Your Privacy and Search Everything Using These Great Search Engines – Don’t know something? Google it! Want to find places nearby? Google it! Everything in life can be in Google and it becomes more than just search engines. The popularity makes people unaware that the algorithm used by Google can risk their privacy. Here are some other search engines you can use to try and protect your privacy at the same time.
– DuckDuckGo
If you are really concerned about your privacy and don’t want the search engines to watch all of your moves, DuckDuckGo is your best resource. Google is known to collect, monitor, and track the users over the internet, but DuckDuckGo doesn’t do those at all. DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect any information from you and you can consult their privacy policy on their web.

This search engine is very great if you want to browse the internet well without seeing any ads related to your previous search results. In Google, you will see lots of ads for laptops for two weeks straight when you searched for any laptop in the past. Because of privacy concerns, lots of users prefer DuckDuckGo moreover Google for these last three years. Online slot players can also switch from other sites because there are lots of poker games to choose from.

– Swisscows
Swisscows has been considered as a new search engine because it was launched in 2014. As the name denotes, the search engine was created by Hulbee AG, based in Switzerland. Compared to other search engines, Swisscows is quite unique because it is family-friendly. Meaning that everyone in the family can use the search engine without worrying to see explicit results.

Not only is it quite unique, but the search engine is becoming popular because it values the users’ privacy. Swisscows never store the data of the users and show the search results based on the semantics results. The search engine works with Bing to provide search results, Soundcloud to display music searches, and Yandex to translate languages. Although this search result is not as popular as Google, Swisscows still provide good videos and image results.

Google collects the users’ privacy to customize the search results based on their needs and to provide suitable ads based on each user’s interest. However, those two search engines never collect the users’ data and respect privacy.

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