The History of Bing Search Engine

Bing is one of the biggest search engine used by people nowadays. It has 1 billion users each month. Bing can be an alternative search engine when you need to perform the searching tasks to gather specific information. Bing offers various features for its users, such as web, video, map, images, and more
– About Bing
Bing is a search engine which under the big name of Microsoft as the owner. Bing is launched on 1 June 2009 as the replacement of Live Search. Bing can be accessed in 40 languages. It is one of the facilities provided by Bing for the users so it can be accessed worldwide. Microsoft as the owner of Bing has launched some search engine as the former search engine, such as MNS Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search.

Steve Ballmer as the Microsoft CEO announced the change of Live Search into the Bing on 28 May 2009 at the All Things Digital conference in California. Microsoft announces the deal with Yahoo! It makes Bing more powerful than before. Therefore many people look for Bing for their online search engine rather than the other search engines. Bing experienced a lot of improvement and development in the system which results in a faster search for its users.

– The Features
In its progress, the user can find numerous features which really helps to support their daily life and working area. You will find the changing background image on the homepage. As it can adjust with any occasion happened around the world, which is a very interesting way to interact with the user. The little-detailed information that you can find in Bing, make browsing as the new experience to get the detailed info you need without hard effort. You can find the sub-links on some certain search. The navigation panel is so unique and the extended preview can give you a clue about the URL link to any web you longing for.

There are attractive Media provided by Bing. You will find video thumbnail previews, images and various sbobet videos on how to play gambling with adjustable resolution. You can also get answers to all questions that you type in the search bar. You can ask about the results of various sports matches hold by sbobet like finance, weather, package tracking, flights, products, and others.

Bing is another search engine created by Microsoft to replace the previous Microsoft search engine, Live Search. Bing is widely used by people around the world as their favorite search engine. Bing officially launched on 1 June 2009. There are many cool features that you can find in Bing.

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