Useful Google Tips You Wish to Know Earlier

Google has been used as the main search engine compared to more than thousands of people around the world. It is used merely for searching for something, but surprisingly, not many people know that there are some tricks that make Googling more interesting.
Google Has Various Fun Tricks You Can Use
Google hides a treasure chest that contains lots of fun tricks you can do. You can ask Google to do various things and you can play different mini-games here. You can type “do a barrel roll”, “tilt”, or “blink HTML” in the search box without the quotation and Google will do the tricks for you. If you like to feel nostalgic, you can play some old mini-games, like Pacman, Zerg Rush, and many more. It will also challenge you with serious anagram game when you type “anagram” in the search box.
You Can Search for Certain Images
Google is also very useful if you don’t really know something’s name but you have the picture of it. You can simply take the pictures or upload it and Google will find similar pictures for it. You can visit and start looking for the picture.
You Have More Detailed Search Results in Google
Sometimes it is quite annoying when using Google since it displays lots of results at one time. If you want to get more detailed results, you can use quotations to get the exact result you want and you can use a hyphen to exclude a certain word in the search results.
There are lots of things that you can do with Google, from finding exact search results to play some mini-games. There are lots of tricks that you can do here and those tricks are just a small part of Google. If you like to get more detailed results, use those tricks and discover other tricks your own.

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