Why People Use Bing to Search Google

If you are buying a new device, like a computer or smartphone, for example, you will notice that it has Bing as a default search engine. Since it is a default search engine, has been used by many people to search for Google. The data in 2018 shows that the most searched keyword in Bing is Google. Here’s why people prefer Google over Bing.
Google Has More Search Results than Bing
“Google it” is more famous than “Bing it”. It doesn’t come by itself. Compared to Bing, Google offers you with more search result and they are displayed in some seconds only. Bing isn’t capable of finding specific data from the past, but you can easily find it on Google. The similar case also happens on the most recent news. Bing is a little bit slow in discovering recent news and it needs several months for the news to appear. Google can do the job perfectly fine and you can see the most recent news on the first page of the search result.
Google Offers Different Integrated Apps and Services
Another best thing Google has but Bing doesn’t is the integrated apps and services that you can use. The famous integrated apps and services are YouTube, Maps, Blogger, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, and many more. You will find various search results from those apps and services. Also, the search results will be based on the activities you do on those apps and services, and you will get more suitable search results based on your interest. They are personalized for you and you will find different search results with other users.
Despite its advanced features, Bing cannot compete with Google. Google still makes users more convenient since it filters the search result based on the user’s previous search. It makes the search results more accurate.

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